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About Us

We were founded in 1989, NESCO have been a trusted retail and distributer of the world finest factories.

Mr. Remon Hadad and Mr. Abd El.Aziz established NESCO in Alexandria as for its strategic location.


They were passionate and determined to be leaders among the Egyptian market, which lead them to be highly innovative in there suppliers network and have been asked to be a consultant in every industrial field.

Our Vast Experience enable us to seek the most innovated and reliable products to gather it to our client to enhance their productivity and competency so that it enable us to have a long term relationship as we are looking forward to enhance our self and our availability in the market throughout our unique product group.

NESCO have been able to provide premium service, quality, condition and prices.

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Our Mission

NESCO are proud to established itself as a reliable supplier and an outstanding material provider to its clients in the Textile, Paper and Plastic, Food & Beverage, Oil & Gas, Power Stations, Petrochemicals, Refineries and Related Energy Industries.

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